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Tutoring Through Relationships: Why Personalized Education Is Necessary

The relationship between a student and teacher can set the stage for a student's relationship with learning itself.
Written by IA Instructor, Savanna Taylor

Having a positive relationship with learning fosters curiosity, creativity, and confidence to achieve what a student puts their mind to while helping build the foundations for successful adult life. Success in life goes beyond the grades received in primary (and even secondary) education and is instead represented by financial, emotional, mental, and physical well-being. All of these categories are intrinsically linked together and creating an appropriate balance is key to success as an adult. By developing a positive student-teacher relationship, students can feel safe in their learning environment and build motivation for success to thrive academically and personally.

Today’s school system is not always apt for students and teachers to develop a deeper personal relationship that would help students thrive. Many teachers are underpaid and overworked in America meanwhile they are being spread very thin with ever-increasing class sizes. A larger student-to-teacher ratio means less time for individualized learning and less help for each student, which in turn can negatively affect a student's academic performance and trickle into the other categories of their life, leaving the student feeling disempowered. Each person has their own individual set of strengths and struggles. Some students may need extra time to understand a topic, or a completely different teaching method. Giving that extra time and attention to every student is becoming more difficult for teachers given the circumstances of our current education system.

At Insight, we understand the value of building a positive, individualized relationship with our students and carry that through our approach as we get to know our students, their families, and how they best learn. We aim to bridge the gap where needed so that students feel confident in themselves and their ability to learn and succeed. We understand that learning itself is a unique process for everyone, and some of the most important lessons are not taught through formal instruction, but through the patience, encouragement, and behavior modeling by the tutors and mentors in our lives.

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Shannon, RDU Mom

We had the best experience!! I loved the model that was used for my son, it really worked for him. He was always very excited for tutoring on Saturdays! The communication was always fantastic and everyone was very professional. I am very thankful for Ms. Sachi and Parker!!! We highly recommend them for anyone needing any tutoring!!

Jesse, Los Angeles Dad

My boys are the typical middle school students - they are free-spirited, funny, bright kids who struggle to focus in class. The large class sizes are especially hard on my oldest son. Insight really gave them the guidance and confidence they needed to show real progress in school!

Kayla, High School Student

I love basketball. I play for my school's Varsity team and we are some of the best in the area. But, I had a hard time balancing sports and school. I want to go to college on a basketball scholarship so I know grades are important. Since working with Insight, my grades in all classes have gone up by at least one grade level.

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