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What is Insight Agency?

Insight Agency is a upcoming private tutoring and professional consulting agency based in Los Angeles, CA. While we aim to be a premiere provider of educational support in Southern California, we also have in-person branches representing in Austin, TX, Atlanta, GA, Miami, FL, Washington, D.C. and the Raleigh/Charlotte, NC areas. We offer online private tutoring, test preparation, college advising and professional guidance for students in K-12 as well as early college courses around the world. For more information, read our about us page - click here

How do your in-person

services work? 

Think of it like a structured study session - after you submit your booking request. We will review your student's intake form, assign you to a tutor and get your schedule set up! We can work with you from the comfort of your home or the cafe around the corner. Whatever works best for you! We also offer hybrid packages where you can alternate between online and in-person services!

How do your online

services work? 

Availability and accessibility are important to us at Insight Agency. To extend our reach around the world, we provide online tutoring services using a video conferencing platform. Submit your booking and get your session scheduled and we will meet you online to guide you using features like shared-screens and video chatting.

What can I expect from a session?

Tutoring is not to complete an entire homework assignment, expect someone else do your work, or make up for not attending class. Our services are designed to support classroom time. You can expect to get help finding answers to questions, gaining further clarification and practice on topics you are trying to learn better. We will incorporate study tips and specific strategies in each session to give you life-long personal skills. For test preparation, our tutors are pros at quizzing students for practice helping you to identify areas needing additional study time. Plus, they have experience in the courses they are tutoring, so they have experience with applying the study techniques they teach.

Who knows I got tutoring? Why should I trust your tutors?

Insight keeps all files and information of clients and tutors as confidential in our secure filing system. Only you, the tutor, potentially your school if requested, and service coordinator, Risachi Ogan. 

What subjects do you offer?

For more information on our services, please see our services page. 

How do I become a tutor?

Tutors at Insight are chosen through a highly-selective application process. For more information on how to become a tutor, please see our Join Our Team page. 

I want to cancel my services. How do cancellations & refunds work?

We are sorry to hear that you had an issue with our services! Please do not hesitate to leave us feedback on the Contact Us page. All transactions for services are final unless under extraneous circumstances. If you paid for a session that you never attended, we will reschedule the missed session and the credit will apply. Otherwise, contact us directly at


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