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Why Should You Become A Tutor at Insight? 

Working as a private tutor allows you to have a more flexible work schedule, inspire the next generation of

students and earn a steady flow of income. In addition, tutoring will allow you to practice and reinforce concepts can help you in your own academics. Private tutoring is a great way to help kids and add to your resume. As one of our seven private tutors, you may work in clients' homes or at local cafes, libraries and co-working spaces. You will provide personal attention to your student that may not be given in class. Also, private tutors work with families and students to form attainable goals and achieve them. For more information, please submit your questions in the 'Contact Us' form with a title that relates to your question.


Our Compensation Rates

  • Raleigh, NC Tutors = Starting at $25 per hour

  • Atlanta, GA Tutors = Starting at $25 per hour

  • Washington, D.C. Tutors = Starting at $50 per hour

  • Los Angeles, CA Tutors = Starting at $50 per hour

  • Austin, TX Tutors = Starting at $25 per hour

  • *Miami, FL Tutors = Starting at $25 per hour

  • *Charlotte, NC Tutors = Starting at $25 per hour

* indicates coming soon

Application Process

  1. Fill out our application. The link to the application can be found below. 

  2. After first-round selections occur, you must undergo a background check.

  3. Receive your Insight Tutor Packet in the mail and review the materials.

  4. Wait for your first assignment!

Minorities are encouraged to apply. 


Get a free 30 -min consultation!

Text us at

(424) 354 - 9636 

We will get back to you within 24 to 48 hours.

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