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It's finally here.. 

After all the years of late nights, extracurricular activities, sports, school dances, and childhood friendships, it is now time for your student to enter a new chapter of their education. College.

How Can Insight Help?


Students and families from around the world can all agree about the stress and uncertainty surrounding the college application process that is marketed to determine their life’s track. Our counselors will help students reflect on themselves and their hopes for the future. With the support of the Insight team, we will work to make sure your child gets an acceptance into the right schools for them. Through a short personal consultation and one-on-one sessions, we’ll reduce the college application process to a series of easy, stress-free steps.​

  • Choose Your Schools ~ Assemble a diversified list of colleges that satisfy academic, social, and professional aspirations and identify the 'ideal student' for the schools of interest to frame your student's presentation 'package'

  • Set A Timeline ~ Create a detailed schedule to fulfill the testing, academic, writing, and extracurricular requirements of the application without the stress of forgetting something or procrastinating

  • Financial Aid & Scholarship Review & Deadline

    • Fill out and submit financial aid information, find scholarships, assist with the application process, and provide students with more financial resources​

  • What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up? Brainstorm the specifics of individual academic programs, so that students are prepared to declare their courses of study

The college admissions process is more competitive than ever. It can be overwhelming to create the perfect writing sample that seems like an impossible task. The writing portion of the application process demands students to reflect their entire personas, life's challenges and aspirations organized into words that make your story all within stringent word limits.

Luckily, Insight has you covered.

Our counselors are trained to be exceptional wordsmiths who help students tell their truths to admissions councils. Through a series individual sessions, we allow students to write their way into a higher education.


  • BRAINSTORM -- What do you want to say?

Extract the perfect topics for your written responses

  • OUTLINE -- How are you going to say it? 

Build a roadmap for your writing that allows you to communicate your ideas with clarity, brevity, and gravity

  • DRAFT -- How will you tell your story?  

Compile the blueprint for your response

  • REVISE -- How does it sound?              

Polish your writing into prose that will dazzle college admissions officers

With our help, let us guide you to forming the perfect:

  • Common Application

  • Personal Statement

  • Writing Supplement

  • Statement of Purpose

Insight College Prep Promotion

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At Insight, we specialize in personalized student support. This is especially important for a college admissions package! 

As part of our is not everybody's strong suit and writing about yourself can be even harder. Go into application season with ease and get this free report on your essay.

You will be graded based on your:

  • Organization

  • Voice

  • Focus & Detail 

  • Word Choice

  • Spelling, grammar, and sentence structure

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Our Partners

One of the biggest stressors for families during college admissions is the financial burden of tuition.

Victoria Lamar won over $3 million in scholarship offers and has helped over 2500 students accumulate $11 Million in scholarship offers. 

Securing Degrees services include:

  • One-On-One Scholarship Coaching

  • Financial Aid Appeals

  • Essay Editing

  • & More!

For more details on their services along with a strategy for your application package custom to you, please reach out to Victoria & Securing Degrees today!


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