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Student X - Animal Planet

Student X was a special-needs elementary-school student who had recently moved to the United States from India and struggled to keep up in math and ELA. His mother also expressed his difficulty in conceptualizing animals. So, we built him an outdoor scavenger hunt in their backyard to help him grasp the word association between animals and their environment. After 3 months of working with us, Student X demonstrated significant improvement and became more confident in his academic abilities. 

Student Y - Mathopoly

Student Y was a middle school student who had missed a significant portion of the 4th grade and struggled to understand fractions. His mother asked us to prepare him for Algebra by rebuilding his fraction skills. He would become very emotional in the presence of any math problem, but he enjoyed golf and board games. So, we built him a board game called "Mathopoly." Each card contained a fraction problem and we played the game during our sessions. Eventually, he mastered the concept and became more confident overall. His mom noted that his newfound confidence helped him to make new friends during the school year. 

Learning From Home

Student Z - Full 360

Student Z was a high student with a history of defiant and disengaged behavior with his schoolwork. The family had tried using other services like Kumon before coming to work with us, but they found that their structure was not effective for him. When we started working with Student Z, he was a C/D student with no interest in attending college. After working together for 2-and-1/2 years, he graduated high school as an A/B/C student, won an award for most academic improvement in his athletics program, and was accepted into a local top 100 university.

our Commitment to

Client Consistency 

As part of our mission behind Insight Agency, we believe that students respond best to consistent and valuable routines. Scientific research shows when consistency is apply to children and adolescents, the students are less likely to be stressed or act out of defiance.


We understand that routine cultivates predictabilityPredictability provides ease and tangibility to the developing brain.

Our commitment to client consistency aims to create positive long-lasting effects in internal and external aspects of your life.

Learn more about our commitment through our package plans..

Student Outdoors

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Our service model offers you the customization, convenience, and flexibility you deserve. Choose from in-person, hybrid, or fully online models for any of our services!

Insight Agency supplies free baseline progress reports upon request for new students to assess their current academic and wellness needs. Through our quick and simple 30-minute assessment, we will send you a detailed progress report highlighting your student's strengths and weaknesses along with recommendations for future learning .

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International & elite services

We service students from a variety of socio-economic backgrounds including affluent families and public figures. In addition, we provide our high-quality virtual services to students around the world for an additional fee for clients located outside of the United States or located in select major cities.

If you are seeking private instruction for a student who needs an instructor willing to travel to you or in-house instructors, please reach out to Insight directly at to address your inquiry. 


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