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At Insight, we are honored to partner with organizations that share our commitment to delivering high-quality solutions that drive positive impact through creativity and innovation. The partners featured below exemplify the values that are core to Insight's identity. Their collaboration enables us to better serve our clients and expand our reach.

We are proud to work alongside these exceptional groups and individuals as we continue pursuing our goal of building a brighter future together.

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securing degrees scholarship coaching


Victoria Lamar is an experienced scholarship expert and grant writer who accumulated over $3 Million in scholarship aid and offers for her higher education. Today, she has helped thousands of students nationwide to find and win over $20 Million in higher education scholarships. She believes every student deserves a debt-free education without facing financial hardship. Interested in SD services?



Unsatisfied with the expensive, limited, and inefficient study apps that were out there, Cognito Study set out to build a universal study tool that was affordable, efficient, data-driven, and interactive. A powerful mobile and web e-learning platform, Cognito’s study tools are based on scientifically proven learning techniques, including spaced repetition, retrieval, active recall, chunking, and sensory learning. Interested in trying Cognito?

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Madison Gurley

North Carolina

Madison is an experienced local boutique photographer specializing in senior pictures and family photos. Whether your child is graduating or you want to capture memorable family moments, she will create heirloom quality custom artwork for your home that you can enjoy and pass down for generations. 


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