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'Tis The Season For The RDU's Ultimate Gift Guide For Experiences - Kids Edition

It's about that time of year. The holiday season is upon us and one of the number one questions among parents across the RDU is: "what should I get my kids for Christmas?"

Well, we have your answer.

Before you rush to your local Target or TjMaxx to pick up a nifty knick-knack, let's think about this. We all have that pile of forgotten Christmas presents in our house that lost their luster after a few weeks of play. Instead of adding another item to your Facebook Marketplace for sale list in a few weeks, why not give your child the gift of an experience this year? Experiential gifts are great alternatives to traditional toys or trinkets because they are quite literally "the gifts that keep on giving." A great gift should be something that your child will use daily or weekly. It's something that will remind them of you and how grateful they are to have parents who gave them something they really needed or cared about. According to a study done by YPulse, the top interests of GenZ are sports, gaming, art, music, and *learning. So, we have compiled a list of the best experiential gift ideas for your kids while emphasizing small businesses across Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and surrounding areas.


For Your Gamer..

Triangle Esports Academy

An Educational Gaming Facility

Tired of catching your child on their PS5 at 6 am every morning? Send them to Triangle Esports Academy in Cary, NC! They provide "a fun, innovative, and educational approach to the gaming world."

They are a "premier Educational Video Gaming Center for the Triangle area of North Carolina. They integrate scientific inquiry and technological design processes to develop critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and creativity skills. If your child likes IT, coding, video game design, and esports, then this is the place for them!

This would be an awesome gift for any child that loves video games, science, engineering, building, or design.

Website: here.

Phone: 919-297-8302

Program Info: here.

Camp Info: here.


For Your Lego Fanatic..

Gear Shifters STEM Explorers

A STEM-Based Learning Enrichment Program

Is your child obsessed with building intricate structures out of Legos?

Or maybe they just enjoy building and creating in general? Gear Shifters is a great opportunity to create an "environment that encourages growth and learning in order to produce a STEM-trained generation of free thinkers." They use LEGO® Bricks and Technic® Elements, motors, and batteries to make working models that depict and illustrate engineering, science, and technology.

This would be a fantastic gift for any child that enjoys Legos, creating, building, and engineering.

Website: here.

Phone: (919) 857-7104

Afterschool Programs Info: here.

Camp Info: here.


For Your Budding Rockstar..

Jolie Musique School

Piano Lessons By A Professionally Trained Opera Signer

Does your child love to make music? Are they excited by new instruments, making beats, or singing in the shower? Then, the Jolie Musique School is the perfect place for them! They offer group piano classes for ages 3 to adult (all separate of course). Your child will learn from their different activities like games, singing, improvisation, and learning songs on the piano to build skills and confidence. The classes are small so everyone can have some one-on-one time. Their group classes are designed to build a sense of community and friendship amongst peers.

This would be a wonderful gift for any child interested in music, the arts, or self-expression.

Website: here.

Phone: (919) 590-5991


For Your Athlete...


An Athletic Mentorship Training Program For Teens

If your kiddo loves to work out and participate in sports, then you need to get them into the SPT Teens Program. Started by a single dad with a passion for fitness, this program is a great opportunity to get one-on-one mentorship from an experienced trainer while also developing themselves through strength training and custom workouts.

This would be a wonderful gift for any child interested in fitness and personal development.

Website: here.

Phone: (919) 672-5992


For Your Explorer...

Insight Agency Gift Card

A Personalized Private Tutoring & Educational Consulting Experience

Whether you have a gifted student that's looking for a new challenge, a high school student preparing for the SAT, or a struggling child looking for some extra school support, Insight has your back. We provide high-quality, personalized, creative educational solutions to students from Kindergarten through early college in nearly every subject. By getting the IA Black Card, you will be giving the gift that keeps giving.

Website: here.

Phone: (424) 354-9636

Get Your Gift Card: here.

Session Info: here.

Connect On Facebook: here.


Stay tuned for the Adult Edition of this gift guide!

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