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Overcoming Unemployment: Build Your Career During Quarantine

"Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.” ~Franklin D. Roosevelt

As the unemployment rate in the United States climbs to over 12 percent, so has the anxiety surrounding job security, stability and the future. We've all been waiting for direction, guidance and clarity on what to do, how to move forward and, most importantly, how to handle the present.

To be clear - there is no right or wrong way to cope with quarantine, social distancing and the looming viral outbreak we hear about every day. While many of us can use this opportunity to slow down, take on new hobbies, spend time with loved ones, or re-evaluate our health, for some, this is chance to honestly reflect on your current or most-recent job and decide if that's really where you want to be.

With the news and constant global updates keeping us on our toes, it can be easy to get caught up in the 'doom-and-gloom' of it all. We were not ready for this kind of disruption. We often forget that while disruption brings change; change brings opportunity. This is the time to pursue the career shift you always wondered about, but fear kept you from taking the leap.

We usually think of investments in the material sense: cars, houses, shoes, designer purses, and other items. But, what happened to the investment of the mind? As you climb the educational ladder and learn more skills, you are actually doubling or even tripling your income. More income (when managed properly) means more disposable income. More disposable income leads to more investments in yourself and everyone around you.

Maybe you've always dreamed of joining the food industry? Or maybe your love of science fell away out of fear or intimidation of the class intensity? You do not have to become 'rich' to be satisfied in your life, however, you should always find value in your work and feel valued at your work. Even if you've never found the right career that makes you stay up till 2am eating Sour Patch Kids, nothing is stopping you now, right?

We've found some amazing careers across several industries and found online programs for you to pursue your next career opportunity!

Food Scientist

Benefits: Medical, dental, and vision

Hours: 35-40 hours

Office Culture: Laboratories, food processing plants

Growth Opportunities: Sensory scientist, food chemist, food safety expert, and more

Salary: ~$63K

Have you ever wondered who created your favorite Doritos flavor, kombucha, or even that veggie burger you thought you'd hate and turned out to be your guilty pleasure? Yup, that's food scientists baby! These researchers are the 'mad scientists of food'. By combining chemistry, biology and engineering, they are able to study how food can be processed and broken down. You would understand the mystery behind vitamins, fat, sugar, and proteins. Imagine yourself discovering a new food source or developing the next sustainable packaging. Sound like this could be you? Find out more information about what it takes to become a food scientist - here.

Programs To Look Into ..

Sports Information Director

Benefits: Medical, dental, vision, other

Hours: Long hours, weekends

Office Culture: Sports-lovers, life surrounding games

Growth Opportunities: Athletic Director, athletic trainer, fitness director, and more

Salary: Roughly $42K

"There's 2 minutes left on the clock.. The crowd hushed as she lifted her racket to serve the game point.." Are we speaking your language? Sports Information Directors track athletic statistics on teams or players, notes information for colleges and organizations and shares this data with the media. If this sounds like something you already do, consider checking out the programs listed below.

Programs To Look Into ..


Benefits: Medical, dental, vision

Hours: Generally 9 to 5

Office Culture: Public health offices

Growth Opportunities: Data Analyst, Software Engineer, Research, Developer

Salary: ~$84K

One of the most important methods we will use to defeat COVID19 involves diligent tracking of those infected and potential carriers. Bio-statisticians apply math to analyze and studied data for medical, environmental, and biological research. Are you a mathematical creative who gets obsessed with the details? Do you like engaging with people, but keeping independence in your work? Do your friends describe you as a good listener? Consider looking into bio-statistics! Just make sure to actively work on developing your time-management, organizational, and logical thinking skills.

Programs To Look Into..


Benefits: Health insurance, pension plans, paid holidays/vacations

Hours: Flexible 40-hr week

Office Culture: Hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, government

Growth Opportunities:

Salary: ~$57K

Since over 40 percent of the American population struggle with obesity, this health issue impacts us and the ones we love. Most licensed professionals should tell you that the key to living a healthy life does not mean become unrealistically skinny or living independent of our body's limitations. Living a healthy life involved eating with overall balanced eating habits. It's important to learn and share the knowledge of how are bodies break down food and what over-indulgence can potentially cause long-term. If healthy living and balanced eating interest you, we bet you'd be a great nutritionist!

Programs To Look Into..

Public Relations Programming

Benefits: Paid vacations, health insurance, retirement plans

Hours: Scheduled 40-hr weeks; on-call basically 24/7

Office Culture: Pe

Growth Opportunities: Publicist, PR Specialist, Copywriter

Salary: ~$60K

We try our best not to get caught up in social media drama, but if you follow pages like The ShadeRoom then you know celebrities, athletes, and public figures sometimes get themselves into trouble. Have you ever wondered how someone whose 'canceled' or seen as problematic turns their image around? It may not be a burning building, but you will absolutely put out a lot of fires. Using your thoughtfulness and creativity, you'd craft media releases and social media campaigns to match the vision of the brand or organization. In an age where we depend on our image for certain opportunities, public relations programming is key to keeping things on track, authentic and unified.

Programs To Look Into..

News Producer

Benefits: Medical/life insurance, paid vacations, monthly car allowance

Hours: 40-hr week + usually overtime

Office Culture: Tight deadlines, high-pressure, managing several elements, fast-paced

Growth Opportunities: News Director, Executive Producer

Salary: ~$72K

BREAKING NEWS.. you can become a news producer! These managerial leaders spend their time in TV stations coordinating the news production teams, choose what news stories appear on our screens and in what order, and keep things on time and within the budget. Being a news producer might be a career for our thrill seekers who can handle the challenges of the fast-paced, high-quality life that comes with it. Love sharing stories of value with others? Do you find your creative, detail-oriented needs aren't fulfilled? This might be the career for you.

Programs To Look Into..

Web Developer

Benefits: High-paying, high availability, long-term

Hours: 40-hr week

Office Culture: Can work remotely or modern office spaces

Growth Opportunities: Computer programs, software development

Salary: ~$70K

Ever heard of the common phrase 'don't judge a book by its cover'? Well, in 2020, we tend to judge a business by its website. Website developers are one of the most in-demand jobs of the future because of how unique, yet important their skill set is. While developers gain an understanding of coding, they apply their talents to create design specifications, test out new websites, updating web pages, monitoring traffic, and solving problems. If you find that you tend to be good under pressure, enjoy problem-solving and multi-tasking, obsess over technology or prefer to work alone, this may be the career path for you.

Programs To Look Into..

EMT Program

Benefits: Medical, dental, vision, paid sick leave, retirement plans

Hours: 40-hr week; 12 to 24 hour shifts

Office Culture: Fast-paced, high-alert, medical emergencies

Growth Opportunities: Paramedic, Dispatcher, Physician Assistant

Salary: ~$40K

Imagine being the first line of defense for all medical personnel. Your job involves responding to a range of emergencies from gunshot wounds to sprained ankles. The life of an EMT will take you all over the city to meet people across all walks of life. Once arrived on the scene, these professionals treat life-threatening illnesses, major bleeding or issues with breathing. Depending on the severity of the case, you may take more serious measures to treat or analyze the patient's condition. This job is for those who desire to positively impact and serve the community around them. However, be aware that most EMT's claim this job requires you to leave your emotions at home. Sounds like this could be you?

Programs To Look Into..

Dental Hygienist/Assistant

Benefits: Vacation, sick leave and retirement plans (if full-time)

Hours: Flexible schedules

Office Culture: Dental offices

Growth Opportunities: Dental Office Manager, Clinic Admin, Medical Sales

Salary: ~$75K

Did you know a great smile can improve your health, happiness and overall attractiveness? Yup! So, your work with patients will likely improve their confidence, self care habits and even their dating life.. As a dental hygienist, directing preliminary exams, cleaning teeth, taking patient X-rays, giving medications and guidance on oral hygiene would be apart of the regular routine. Patience, assertiveness, empathy and strong communication skills are important to success in this field.

Programs To Look Into..

Radiology Technician

Benefits: Health, life, and disability insurances; possible to travel

Hours: 40-hr week; on-call

Office Culture: Hospitals, clinics, doctor's offices

Growth Opportunities: Radiologist, specialized technician

Salary: ~$48K

Trained to us important medical equipment such as those for CT scans, MRI, and X-ray generators, radiology technicians help doctors to read images of patient screenings to determine illness or underlying problems in the body. Usually, you can specialize in a particular type of equipment like ultrasounds or CAT scans. This is career offers real interaction and engagement in the health care field without necessarily taking years of schooling. If this sound like a stable and interesting job for you, check out some of the recommended programs below.

Programs To Look Into..

Medical Technician

Benefits: Medical, dental, vision, sick/vacation leave, retirement plans

Hours: 40-hr week

Office Culture: Private offices, clinics, hospitals

Growth Opportunities: Surgeon Tech, Medical Coder, and more

Salary: ~$40K

When anyone goes to the doctor's office today, they usually meet a team of health care professionals until they receive their results. Identifying the cause of disease or impact of an injury is a team effort that requires people trained especially to use and read the equipment. Medical technicians organize the routine medical testing, conduct blood tests/counts, analyze test results of patients, as well as other biological research techniques to help treat illnesses. This profession is great for those looking to learn about working in the medical field, but are not sure yet where to start.

Programs To Look Into..

Physician's Assistant

Benefits: Medical, dental, life, vision, paid sick/vacation leave, retirement plans

Hours: 40-hr weeks, often on-call, 7 to 12 hour shifts

Office Culture: Medical environments working with doctors, surgeons and all medical staff to study and serve

Growth Opportunities: Return to school for a specialized degree, Manager, Family Doctor, General Surgeon, Anesthesiology

Salary: ~$108K

While many people are interested in pursuing careers in the medical fields, the length of study usually puts people off before the rigorous programs do. An emerging field of physician's assistants is a great alternative for those who may find the typical medical path too demanding. While PA's work together with medical teams and patients, the main difference between PA's and doctors lies in the freedom of your work. Doctors are allowed to practice freely while physician's assistants generally work closely with a doctor. However, if this little title taboo does not bother you, we recommend researching more about this valuable career path.

Programs To Look Into..


Benefits: Paid holidays, vacations, health insurance and retirement plans

Hours: 40-hr week; usually overtime

Office Culture: Independent, on computer, office settings

Growth Opportunities: Financial Manager, Research Analyst, Actuary

Salary: ~$75K

Have you ever wondered people mean when they describe the economy as rising or falling? Or maybe you're thinking about how the Kylie Lip Kit or Nike shoes contributes to the cycle of consumer capitalism? If these words ring a bell or not, you can learn more! Economists study how communities use land, labor, raw materials, and machinery to produce and sell goods or services. Using their wisdom, economists advise firms, banks, businesses and government agencies on subjects related to finance, transportation, real estate, energy, health and more. If you've been described as an independent thinker, enjoy breaking down complex systems, or have good verbal and written skills, consider exploring a career in economics!

Programs To Look Into..

Surgical Prep

Benefits: Packages includes healthcare, vacation, holiday/sick leave, and 401(k) plan

Hours: 8 to 12 hour shifts

Office Culture: Alongside physicians, registered nurses and surgeons; hospitals, private offices

Growth Opportunities: Surgical Assistant, Surgical Team

Salary: ~$47K

Grey's Anatomy, The Good Doctor, The Resident - There is something about the medical scene that is real, intense and vulnerable to us. Surgical preps, or operation room assistants, prepare operating rooms for surgery, sterilize supplies, set up for incoming patients, and assisting surgeons and nurses by handing them equipment during surgery. If medicine is a field you've always been interested in studying, but found the commitment intimidating, this is a good alternative.

Programs To Look Into..


Benefits: Freedom, find your new favorite foodie spot

Hours: Flexible, usually 3 to 4 hour shifts minimum

Office Culture: Independent, mainly car-based, fast-paced, high-demand

Growth Opportunities: The sky is your limit, bonus offers, Networking Opportunities

Salary: ~$30K

We love our food deliveries. Pad Thai, ice-cream, drinks, gourmet meals - food delivery is a pivotal part of the food industry and its future. Personally, Tastu Ramen is a favorite at Insight Agency and the thought of life without its delivery service sounds a little heart breaking. While working as a courier can be a part-time gig or a way to make money during an in-between phase, food delivery driving can be the perfect side hustle for the undiscovered food photographer or someone who doesn't mind meeting new people and exploring new restaurants in your city.

Programs To Look Into..

Alternative Medicine

Benefits: Helping people, dependent on your employer/practice

Hours: 30 to 40 hr week

Office Culture: Clinics, hospitals, wellness centers

Growth Opportunities: Natural Pharmacy, Research Labs, Corporate Offices

Salary: ~$74K

With people begin to question the reliance on medication to create healing, alternative medicine and its practices have sky rocketed over the past several years. As an alternative medicine practitioner, you will learn about: the body, nutrition, body chemistry, stress management, touch-based therapies, natural remedies and spiritual guidance. Curious, compassionate, observant teachers with a passion for health and wellness would be a great candidate for some of the programs we listed below.

Programs To Look Into..

Nonprofit Manager

Benefits: Strong benefits packages

Hours: 30 to 40 hr week

Office Culture: Remote-work, office setting, often appear at speaking events

Growth Opportunities: Director, Executive, Human Resources

Salary: ~$96K

If being a manager is something you naturally handle well and service real in-need causes excites you, consider becoming a non-profit manager. As a manger, tasks like overseeing a budget, fundraising, creating strategic plans, and leading an organization would be regular on your to-do list. This career allows the opportunity to devote efforts to improving the lives of others and engagement in public service.

Programs To Look Into..

Found your next dream career among our list? Not sure where to begin or overwhelmed by all the requirements?

First, take a deep breathe. Insight is here to help lift up: you, your family and your communities.

Reach out to us for guidance on test preparation or professional consulting to start building your next dream career. Get help today and never stop learning. Don't forget to like and comment on this post. Subscribe to our blog. Share this post with someone you know who recently went through a lay off or unemployment. Stay safe. Stay kind.

Re-imagine Your Capabilities,

The IA Team

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