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Need One-On-One Help During This Transition ??

As concerns continue to grow about #covid_19 and how it will affect us globally, Insight Agency pledges to be an educational resource for our audience and our clients during this time.

Parents! We know that you have been waiting for someone to ask: how are you doing?

While you are probably enjoying all of this quality time, we are sure that you do not want to let your child's education suffer. It is far more difficult to try to get people to re-engage once they have checked out. But, this does not mean the day needs to be action packed either. The goal should be to maintain and enforce a regular school routine that meets their pace.

This is going to be an uncomfortable transition, as transitions usually are, but it is IMPERATIVE that we do not let education suffer as a result of the confusion. Prioritize your child’s education and get them one-on-one academic support.

If the schools are closed, why do I need tutoring?

Yes, in the state of California, nearly every school district has closed the doors of the physical buildings in compliance with the CDC guidelines. Yes, many school districts across the nation are implementing similar closures/distance-learning procedures. Yes, over 1 billion students world-wide are now unable to attend schools or universities as we continue to battle this viral outbreak.

There has not been a clear outline (yet) of how the the school boards intend to shift through this transition. We must remember though: this is a developing situation. Educational staff likely know as much as we do about what the future holds. So be kind to others and stay safe.

How Do I Use Insight Agency's Services?

1 - Select your service

2 - Book your service

3 - That's it!

Insight offers simple booking services.

Step 1: Select Your Service

Our mission focuses on providing our clients with authentic and high-quality services. Check out our 'Services' page to get details on our private tutoring, test preparation, collegiate advising, and professional consulting services.

Step 2: Book Your Service

Once you have decided on your service of interest, click on our 'Book Online' tab to find our individual session bookings for any of our services or schedule your free phone consultation with us to talk about how we can best help you.

*For students looking for multi-session or long term support, see our 'Plans and Pricing' tab for more details.

Step 3: That's It!

Easy as Pi - Once your booking request is submitted, you should receive a confirmation from us within 48 hours. Then, we will get you set up on our online platforms!

What Are Insight's Payment Options?

Insight offers flexible payment options.

A. Our seamless online checkout system ensure you never need to worry about invoicing or reminders again. We accept all available debit and credit cards or PayPal for point of sale transactions.

B. Hesitant about putting your bank information online? We use other reliable platforms like Cashapp for our transactions.

Our COVID Commitment

The world may have seemed to stop, but we all know the work we need to accomplish never stops.

Don’t let your homework, assignments and exam preparation suffer as the dust settles. Continue to book and schedule your services online as we utilize our online platforms to protect our staff and your family. As part of our pledge, we will provide free private tutoring or professional consulting sessions to victims of this virus to aid in helping you get back on your feet.


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