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Meet Caleb, The 14-Year-Old Creating Cool Clothes For Others

Tell us a little bit about you!

"My name is Caleb Jackson. I am 14 and have a strong passion for basketball, and making clothing especially selling it for people to wear."

How do you like to spend your time?

"I like to spend my time playing basketball, sewing pants for fun, or making them for people. Also, if I have a little time after homework, I'll play video games with my friends."

What’s something you worked really hard on this year?

"Something that I really worked hard on this year was going to a brand new school. Since the pandemic, I have been in virtual school for 5th and 6th grade... At first, I was lonely and had no friends. Now, since being back in school, I have had many friends."

What’s your piece of clothing to create and why?

"The piece of clothing is jeans. I make a special type of jeans named stacked jeans. I've been working on making hoodies as well. But one thing at a time.."

Why do you think kids go to school?

"Kids go to school because it's the law and they're forced to. We have no choice."

Do you have any goals (academic, sports, personal)?

"The only intention is to make money for my family and keep my head straight. My goal is to make myself and my family happy."

What should people know about your business? (Ex. website, contact information, menu, etc.)

"I’m making a website. All I need is some pictures to use on the front page. There is no link though. My mom's contact information is 9544961320."

You can connect with Caleb on Instagram - here.

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