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4 ways your kids can make an impact from home

Last week was the International Day of Charity 2020 #CharityDay. But, the choice to make an impact in your community is one that can be made any day of the year! Here are four awesome ways that your kids can make an impact from home..

"Don’t ever underestimate the impact that you may have on someone else’s life.” Anonymous

1. Plant flowers in your back yard, raise your own butterflies to release into the wild, or find ways to improve the environment

If you live in an apartment, town-home or space without a backyard, try this DIY garden for your window seal. Introducing new life into the world is a great way to: decrease your spending, increase your produce intake, counteract carbon emissions, clean the air and water - even lower your heart rate.

2. Collect and donate your old/unused workbooks and textbooks

Why waste a perfectly good textbook when it might be more useful to someone else! Think of it as recycling, expect its knowledge! With libraries closed until further notice, many students are stuck at home without access to reading and learning materials. Not sure where to donate your book, check out this website for 20 places to donate.

3. Make 'Get Well Soon' cards for the elderly

Did you know.. Receiving an act of kindness produces oxytocin, occasionally referred to as the 'love hormone' which aids in lowering blood pressure and improving our overall heart-health. Oxytocin also increases our self-esteem and optimism, which is extra helpful when we're in anxious or shy in a social situation. As we are all aware, those increasing in age are at a much higher risk for contracting COVID-19. Obviously, this time has induced many to feel sad, depressed, or unusually low during the fallout from the global pandemic. By brightening someone's day with a personal card, you might just inspire them to fight for their lives.

4. Bake a sweet treat or cook one of your favorite meals and deliver it to your local homeless shelter.

Who doesn't love a good home cooked meal! Though the CDC recently barred landlords from evicting tenets to prevent the spread of COVID, the economic fallout has led to an increase in homelessness across the country. Instead of cooking for yourself, why not put together one of your favorite meals and donate it to places for the less fortunate. Bonus: Create some fresh DIY hand sanitizer, package them in bottle with encouraging notes and deliver them with your foodie surprise!

Let us know if you try any of these safe and creative community service projects that your children can do right at home.

See you next time!

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The IA Team

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